Why Home Boarding?

Boarding in a home environment can be more relaxed for your dog, with more time for play and long walks with plenty of cuddles and fuss thrown in for good measure, than boarding in a noisy fast paced kennel environment.

After putting Scooby into kennels previously when she was younger I always hated leaving her little sad face as she was locked into her run, and I also disliked the amount of echoey barking noise on collecting her as every dog in the kennel seemed to think it was their turn to go home too.

Scooby was always well looked after and the staff at the kennels I boarded with were always great, but a Boarding Kennels is not the same as a home environment with the attention and length of walks less for each dog as there are undoubtably more dogs to look after in a boarding kennels than in Home Boarding.

Home Boarding on the whole is a lot quieter, which is great for the more anxious or unsure/less confident dogs. A home environment can be more stimulating for your dog as it will get to go on many varied walks, play opportunities and have one to one attention for the length of its stay. It will be calmer for your dog to settle in than being housed in an unfamiliar kennel run surrounded by other vocal guests.

As a family we would like to share our home for Home Boarding as an option for those dogs that do not like the stress of a Kennel stay.

Apologies - We are Temporarily closed for New Bookings

Due to  Proprietor illness & we hope to open our diary for new bookings next year.

Thank you for the support & understanding from our ongoing clients.

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I will respond to all messages when able.

Thank you.

Shelley & Family 

Tips & Things to Bring

Vaccination Card & Boarding Paperwork.

Ensure your dog is wearing a collar

your usual walking lead or harness

Jumper or Coat your dog wears for walks

Bed/Basket/Crate & usual blankets

Usual food bowls


Enough food (& treats) for your stay

Favourite toys

Necessary medication (if required)

Your contact numbers & contact details in an emergency

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More Information

House Requirements
House Requirements