House Requirements

We love to board guests that are:-

  • Friendly to people & children
  • Good with other dogs
  • Neutered Males & Bitches out of season
  • Vaccinated (Vaccination Card required for checking on booking)
  • Have a Worm & Fleat treatment programme in place.
  • Old or Young (12 months/1yr +  please)
  • Toilet Trained
  • Small to Medium


Note: If we feel that your dog has shown aggression towards our family or resident dog during their stay we will inform you to discuss possibly remedies prior to boarding with us in the future.

Guests in our care will be required (as standard)  to wear one of our own ID tags holding our details to identify where they are staying should the unfortunate occur.

We are licenced under Tamworth BC for Home Boarding (Lic No: 000003518) Exp 2021

We have full Public Liability Dog Home Boarding Insurance

Meet & Greet

We request that prior to confirming your booking with us that we meet you and your dog for introduction to our home & family to see if our environment will suit your dogs needs and of course to meet our resident dog Scooby.

Appointments can be day or evening and are generally 30 minutes duration.

During the Meet n Greet we can discuss your pets like/dislikes and do any preliminary paperwork (although this can be provided for you to complete & return prior to your stay).

Note: We will be unable to board your dog(s) if they have not done an initial meet & greet.

Sorry but we DO NOT take guests that are

Any dogs registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.
Aggressive toward others
Unruly in the house
Dogs that aren't toilet trained
We reserve the right to refuse any dog that we feel may be disruptive

How Many Dogs?

We like to only board a single familys dogs (3 max from the same family)

to ensure comfort during a stay.


Our Services

We offer:

Overnight Stays

Day Care (space allowing)

Weekend Care (Fri-Mon)