Sleeping Arrangements

Please bring  your dogs own bed/basket  with their blanket to use (or crate - client consents required on form)

Due to Coronavirus Protocols we are unable to accept clients own beds at this time -( we can take blankets if they have been washed & placed in a sealed bag  72hrs in advance)

We have a large downstairs open plan family room & kitchen area. This is where the our guests mainly stay during the day. We have plenty of sofa space for snuggles and plenty of floor space for beds either by our log burner or in our large kitchen area. We also have a separate room off our kitchen (Dog office) where the dogs like to "hang-out" at nap time in the afternoon when there's paperwork to be done,

At night doggy guests have their own sectioned off sleep area (& during the day if required) downstairs in the kitchen area. this is large enough to accommodate a crate if this is where your dog usually sleeps or likes to go to in the day.

Rest assured that we will not restrict dogs to a small area. We will do whatever works best for them during their stay.

Alternatively if your dog is used to sleeping upstairs in the same room or on the landing etc then we will try to accommodate. However, we do have a wooden staircase so if your dog is unable to negotiate our stairs safely (or be carried) up, night time sleep will be in the downstairs area.

We have enough separate rooms so that if the dogs want peace and quiet by themselves it is not a problem.

We do try to keep our doggy guests routine as close to being in their own home as possible to minimise any upset of being away from their family.

Please contact us or visit our FAQ section for more information.

Sleeping Arrangements

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